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Theory and Hazard Perception Test

The Theory and Hazard Perception Test is a combined test, and both parts must be passed together.

If either the Theory element of the test, or the Hazard Perception element is failed, the whole test has to be retaken.

The Theory and Hazard Perception Test must be passed before it is possible to book a Practical Driving Test appointment.

You are allowed to take practical driving lessons before the Theory and Hazard Perception Test has been passed.

The Theory Test consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered within a maximum of 57 minutes.

At least 43 questions must be answered correctly to pass.

The Hazard Perception Test follows on immediately after you complete The Theory Test.

The test consists of watching 14 video clips, each lasting approximately 1 minute, and identifying 15 hazards. (14 video clips with 1 hazard and 1 video clip with 2 hazards)

Each video is filmed from the viewpoint of the driver, driving along the road

As you watch each video you will see various “hazards” (e.g. parked cars, side roads, driveways)

But the “hazards” that you will be scored on are all “Developing Hazards”

For example seeing a child move across the pavement, behind a parked car and out into the road.

This takes a few seconds to fully develop, and the earlier you click the computer mouse to show that you have seen a hazard the higher you score

As each Hazard takes a few seconds to develop the test is aimed to test NOT your reactions but your observation and anticipation

Each Hazard has a maximum score of 5 points if you identify it early, decreasing to 0 points if you identify it too late.

There are 15 Hazards so the maximum possible score is 75 points, and the pass mark is 44 points

The Theory & The Hazard Perception Tests must both be passed on the same occasion

The Theory Test has Changed

Since January 2012 the real theory test questions are no longer published.

Previously, many people had prepared for the theory test by trying to memorise the answers to all the questions.

Whilst this could get them through the theory test, it didn’t necessarily mean that they had attained the knowledge needed to be a safe driver.

The theory test is still be the same format as the previous test, it is not any harder, but it will be necessary for you to ensure that you prepare properly for it.

This will ensure that you will pass the Theory Test, it will also help you in your practical driving lessons and test, and it will also ensure that you have the necessary knowledge to use on the road after you have passed the Practical Driving Test.

Preparing for the Theory Test will need to be like studying for any other test or exam.

Firstly study the course material, and then use the example questions to test how well you have learned and remembered it.

Just like at School, College, or University

Preparing for The Theory Test

Dudley Driving School can offer FREE books to download (click here),


We can also offer you FREE access to all of the official DVSA practice questions online through ‘Theory Test Pro’, and ‘Free Online Theory Tests’

You can try ‘Theory Test Pro’ immediately, FREE, but with limited access (click here)

You can try ‘Free Online Theory Tests’ immediately, FREE, but with limited access (click here)

Dudley Driving School Customers can get FULL FREE access to

‘Theory Test Pro’ and ‘Free Online Theory Tests’ for as long as you need to prepare for your theory test.

To get FULL FREE access to ‘Theory Test Pro’ and ‘Free Online Theory Tests’, simply ask your Dudley Driving School Instructor to organise it for you.


Send us an email (Click here) with your name, address, phone number, and the name of your Dudley Driving School Instructor, and we will organise it for you.

Preparing for The Theory Test

The questions in the Theory Test are based on three books:-

The Highway Code

The Stationery Office

Know Your Traffic Signs

The Stationery Office

The Official DVSA Guide to Driving: The Essential Skills

The Stationery Office

The Official DVSA Guide to Hazard Perception


The Stationery Office

Driving Test Success: All Tests

(Includes Theory Questions)


Focus Multimedia

Driving Test Success: Hazard Perception


Focus Multimedia

These and other Driving publications can be purchased through Amazon

(click here)


Click Here for FREE access to

An online edition of the Highway Code

Click Here to download

a FREE PDF version of the Highway Code

Click Here to download

A FREE PDF version of Know Your Traffic Signs

There are also a lot of question and answer books, CDs, DVDs or websites to check that you have learnt and understood what you have been reading.

Do not try to just learn the questions and answers.

The questions in the real theory test will be different.

Learning only questions and answers might result in you knowing the answer to the question, but not understanding it, or knowing anything else about the subject.

Learning well will help your practical driving lessons, and enable you to drive safely after you pass your driving test

Preparing for Hazard Perception Test

Publications that might help you to prepare for the Hazard Perception Test include:-

These and other Driving publications can be purchased through Amazon

(click here)

The best way to prepare for The Hazard Perception Test is to use these publications in conjunction with Practical Driving Lessons, so that you can develop your Hazard Perception skills in car, this will help with the “on screen” test, and also obviously help your driving skills as well.